Friday, April 27, 2012

Purex - Let’s Be Honest Campaign & Sweepstakes

I have been thrilled to be a Purex Insider for the past year. I have had a chance to share some great new products, get my clothes a little cleaner and even bring about world piece through laundry scents. - Okay, that last one may be exaggerated... but I have shared some great updates from Purex and their products.

Now is now different. On April 30th Purex is launching a new promotion called,
"Let's Be Honest". This campaign features Second City Comedian Molly Erdman. There are is a cute series of short videos sharing the more ironic and humorous side of everyday Life, Laundry and Whatever.

The campaign includes a sweepstakes with a daily entrant winning a year's supply of Purex detergent. If your family does as many loads of  laundry as we do, that would be quite a prize!

So go to to view new videos and enter from April 30th to July 24th for the daily prize. Also stay tuned for more Purex coupon giveaways here on my blog.

*Disclaimer - I received information to post as a Purex Insider. I receive product samples through this program from time to time. All opinions are my own.
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