Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Garden!

I am so excited that everything is now in place for our little backyard garden. My herbs are all planted, tomatoes in their pots and cages (2 Russian Black Heirlooms, 2 Cabernet Grapes and 1 Mountain Spring), and the strawberries are even starting to turn red! Above the tomato cages is our "gutter garden" for mesclun greens and salad mix. We found this idea online (sorry, I don't have the blog name...) and it looked perfect for our small space. Salad greens don't require a lot of soil, and you can't beat the price for set-up! I think the whole thing, plus less than 1 bag of soil, cost around $10. Sweet! This year I went wild with the basil (photo #2) and one little corner has some more mixed salad greens. So, I will have everything for salads... and with some fresh home-made mozzarella we will eat like Kings!

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