Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go to Dinner!

Another Giveaway! Here is my go to meal. I try to always keep the ingredients handy because it is such a nutricious meal. The beans and rice help to make a complete protein, so this is a fabulous vegetarian option. This idea comes from the great Cafe Yumm! found in Oregon. The sauce, which really makes this dish, is also available in grocery stores throughout Oregon and some locations in Washington. There is a recipe for making it yourself, and I will try to post that soon. For more info on Cafe Yumm! visit

Rice Bowls

Layer ingredients as you like, but this is the order I usually use:
Brown or Jasmine rice first
Black Beans
Grated Cheese (your choice)
Yumm! Sauce
Sour Cream

Really the order doesn't matter because it is best to mix it all up before eating! Yum. I promise you will be full after having a bowl of this.

Okay, the Giveaway is again from Foodie Giveaway, this time for Pace Salsa. So, you could try my recipe or one of your own. Be sure to visit the site and check out the giveaway details. Good luck!
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