Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don't miss out! Today is the final day.

The Penny-Pinching Mama: Rudolph's Gift Guide Day 13: SodaStream Giveaway is closing today at 9pm Eastern time, so there are only a few hours left... but, take advantage and enter!

If you have read my blog over the past few weeks you know that I am crazy about these Soda Stream machines and would love to add one to my home (one way or another I will!). Well, here is yet another chance for you to also try your luck at winning one fore your family.

Why not treat your family to some home-made, custom designed soda! Adjust the syrup, adjust the carbonation... or dare I say it? ... mix! Oh, yeah... your creativity is the only limitation on this yummy stuff. So, get on over to The Penny Pinching Mama and enter this giveaway. And look around at her other current giveaways while you are over there.

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