Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Vacation's Vacation

Okay, now that the holidays are definitely over in our house I am ready for that vacation now. My DH's birthday happens to fall on the 26th, so there are 3 days straight of merry making going on here, but it always leaves me feeling exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. I have many post ideas whirling around in my head and I hope to get them down soon.

My biggest goal is to get my Body After Baby Challenge post up. The wonderful gal behind Mama Notes has invited others to join her as she posts her progress (wonderful accountability, no?) along her post baby get-in-shape journey. I believe she is working towards her next pregnancy, but as many of your know I am done and just ready to reclaim my body. ...or, at least make friends with my new one. I had 2 babies in under 2 years and have the mid section to prove it. So this year will be a wee bit more me focused as I try to get healthier (I will never be called a waif!) and juggle the kids.

Wish me luck!!!
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  1. Hope your holidays was great! I TOO am ready for a vacation! My DH's birthday is the 26th of this month too. I feel ya on those 3days, we eat an extra special amount of food around here. I had recently had 2 babies in under 2yrs also and feel your pain on the mid section. While my hormones don't want to stop having babies, we have to stop. I feel like I'm pregnant with no baby inside. LOL!! I need to seriously comit to a lifestyle change. I don't eat more than I normally do, but I guess with the growing of belly's twice that's what we get. So not far!

    Good Luck! I would love to hear how you do! Maybe we should motivate each other :)


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