Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Body After Baby - Getting All Set Up

MamaNotesOkay, here is the reality, body after baby is just a starting point for me. I stepped on the scale January first, but couldn't bring myself to blog about it or my weight loss goal. I guess I needed some time to let it sink in. So, to spit it out, I have 46+ pounds to lose. Wow. It is never fun to think about an actual number. It is easier to think about losing "a couple of pounds" as I have those cookies, than to think about 46 lbs and still enjoy my Joe-Joes. I didn't gain nearly as much weight with pregnancy number 2, but I was still adding to an already large number. The one bright spot was that I never went over 200 lbs this time. Whew!

My exercise of choice is walking. It doesn't really seem like a workout to me and can be done any day and any time. It allows me to take my 2 little cheerleaders (Yay double Phil & Ted Stroller!) and get outside in the sunshine and fresh air. My DH just ordered the rain cover for the stroller, a must in rainy Oregon, so I will no longer be able to curl up and hibernate for lack of a good rain gear. I am out of excuses!

And I have new shoes! I don't know why, but getting new running shoes is always exciting. I chose a wonderful pair of pinky peach Lunarglides from Nike (love 'em!) and even got a matching non cotton long-sleeved shirt to go with. I am pretty sure that I would be comfortable in some warm ups and silk light-weight tights. I also got a new Nike+ sensor for those brand new shoes. I will post more about the Nike + and how it helps me stay motivated. I first want to get back into it and see what new features have been added since I was last there (prior to pregnancy 2).

My back up plan is to move stuff from the treadmill. Now that my daughter is basically sleeping through the night and my son's bed time is set at 8pm, I should be able to squeeze in some running ...or walk/jog time to begin with. Yeah, there is a reason why I keep the treadmill around.

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