Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bummas cloth wipes giveaway

Here is some great news for anyone who loves cloth wipes or who is curious about getting started. A great compliment to cloth diapering, they help keep diaper rash in check. I know even with cloth dipes my son has a sensitive bottom.

Currently there are several great giveaways going on for these great and colorful cloth wipe siets. 4 different color sets for all types & moods. I need the wild ones!
Would you love to win some free Bummas cloth wipes?? Here are a few places to enter....

Take It From Me is running their contest through tomorrow at midnight (1/28) ENTER HERE

Or head over to:

Truth Be Told is running their contest through 2/10. ENTER HERE

Don't forget about:
Monkey Mommy. She is running her giveaway through 2/15. ENTER HERE

Then head over to:
The Inquisitive Mom
The Inquisitive Mom's giveaway is going on till 2/5 (8pm CST) ENTER HERE

Wow! Four chances to win this fabulous product! Can't wait to win? Head over to the Bummas Website and look around. Good luck.
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