Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm on Team Coco!

Okay, if I take a step back it is a pretty silly fight. But since it is my late night laughter at stake, I feel like I need to take a side.

I was a big fan of Jay Leno and now that my daughter goes to sleep around 9pm I was excited to watch during my "me time". Unfortunately it was bad. I didn't laugh. I actually found him a little mean. His jokes were more pointed than I ever remembered and many of his segments were just advertisements (car races for product placement?). I found myself turning on Jay as background noise as I cleaned the kitchen or checked email.

Ditto for the local evening news. But, I am not going to go there. Not today.

My evening starts when I hear the music begin for the Tonight Show. Conan makes me laugh. I need to laugh. After a hectic and stressful day of being put in my place by a two year old, I want to hear what the country was talking about... and I want someone to make me laugh. I love Conan's bits. I love his goofiness. I love his pasty, awkward confidence. He is truly funny and now I will be losing this.

NBC, really, what are you thinking? You lost me during the morning. Meredith doesn't rub me the right way and your evening line ups are not my style anymore... goodbye Law & Order. You scare and depress me as a Mother. Hello, American Idol & Biggest Loser! Bring on the positive. But, now you will lose me for late night, too. I am your 25-35 demographic and I am leaving. I don't want to watch Conan later and I guess I bought into the whole passing of the torch. I just don't understand why you want to go back. Is this a do-over? Stop switching your line-ups, it is hard to remember what time and night everything is on... and while you are at it, give your shows a chance to find their audience. Seinfeld had an abysmal audience when it first started. But, we know how well patience there worked out for ya!

Okay, now that is off my chest I feel better. I will still miss Conan. I hope NBC changes it's mind. But, since Conan has been a creative force in the industry for quite a while (SNL and sitcom work) I know it will not be the last we hear from him. Go Coco!
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