Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Mommy's Work is Never Done!

Ah, ... two small children. Sp cute. So innocent. And they make the mess of a small army! Okay, my DH helps, too. How is this humanly possible? Well....

First there is the 2 year old. He is a tornado of energy on legs. If he is not smearing banana who knows where, eating spaghetti or eating crayons then.... well, he is sleeping! Any possible mess he could make he does. And he does it with a smile. I don't think I have left the house recently without worrying that someone will think I never bathe him. He usually takes a reminder of his last meal/snack with him on his clothes, face, fingers or lodged ever so expertly in his strawberry blonde hair. I love him to death, but he is messy.

Then there is my sweet, angelic little baby girl. First off she is teething. So, everything that comes in contact with her is wet. Okay, not just wet but a bit sticky and slimy also. Then she is a big eater and probably has a slightly sour stomach due to the excessive amounts of salivia connected to teething... so she spits up. And she spits up again. I don't even tend to feel the wet on my should before I hear it hit the floor. Yes, that tell-tale splat is her calling card. I just love the fact that she smiles right afterward. She is just so happy to be rid of it. And lastly, she is poo-splosive! I thought having a wee little girl would excuse me from the diaper changing disasters of my son. I have been peed on more than a fire hydrant, and I never seem to remember that thing is loaded! But, my daughter has proven to be far worse in the diaper changing realm. She likes a nice clean diaper to poo in... and on top of that, a nice wipe to the bottom reminds her to push REALLY hard. She has gotten me, front and center, several times. And when it doesn't hit me, she still makes a mess all over her cotton candy pink changing table. Ugh.

Then there is my DH... need I say more?

With all those messes, I never see the end of my cleaning! Between crayon on the tv or laundry I am always going. When is a Mommy's work done? Oh, yes. We are a quiet army of sleep deprived Mommys. This is my shout out to you. My little mess makers will be up soon and I am stealing a few moments for me.... before I get back to cleaning. Happy Sunday all.
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