Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Crazy Life! Wanna Join?

I am sure that many (all?) mothers of more than one small child has had a day like this....

The baby is teething. She is not old enough to sit or crawl yet, she is tired of her swing, tired of her jumparoo and just wants to be held. Though, even then she is squirming & crying.

I have already given the toddler multiple warnings to sit down and eat. He is eating his noodles in the living room at his small table. He won't eat them without his fork. He wants something different every 5 minutes... first it was a different video, then juice, and then my attention.

As I give in to a few of his demands... honestly, I just want to appease him at this point! His sister reaches fever pitch with her wiggling and crying. As I try to make faces at her, my son slips off his chair. The crying begins and as I scoop him up I see that his fork went into his lip. Not through, thank goodness! Just 3 neat little holes dripping blood and copious amounts of saliva rolling out his yelling mouth.

...that is 10 am. I would love nothing more than to go back into bed and crawl under the covers. Some days I would love to push the "do over" button.

Okay, so do you relate? How do you cope? Is it weird that when I get super stressed I clean? I guess I have a need to control something in this out of control ride called parenthood.
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