Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recycled Longies and soaker by Le Petit Owlet Giveaway!

I love longies! I started knitting soakers and longies before my daughter was born... unfortunately they are all still on the needles. I am very behind in my crafting and didn't even get my poor son's Christmas stocking finished this past year. Now I am completely out of time because next Christmas he will be 3 and will probably notice! Some days I wish I could find myself a wife to help with all my projects ... just kidding!

I recently found this great blog, facebook page and Etzy shop called Le Petit Owlet. Just beautiful stuff. Everything from longies and cloth diapers to clothing and jewelry.

Currently she has a giveaway going for recycled wool longies and a wool soaker. I would love these for my kiddos! And I am sure when you take a peek, you will want to enter this giveaway or go to her shop and order some for your own babies.

Also check out the cute pics of her little boy! Okay, be sure to ENTER HERE but, don't get too attached to her lovely items, because I plan to win them for my little girl. ;) Good luck!
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