Thursday, January 28, 2010

What are your top 5 New Year's resolutions for getting healthy and fit in 2010?

This question is brought to us by Ubisoft Entertainment and TwitterMoms and I am all ready to answer!

Yes, my New Year's goals are still evolving. I really cringe at calling them resolutions... that term makes me feel doomed. I break resolutions... but, goals I can keep working towards. So, what are my top 5 (goals) for getting fit and healthier this year? Okay, you asked for it.

1. Drink plenty of water. Yeah, I know we have all heard it a thousand times before. So why do we always forget to actually do it? To ensure that I down enough of the pure stuff, I will keep an extra filter cartridge for my tap filter on hand. I will only drink water in restaurants. It is too easy to over do the soda or sweet drinks when my glass is always being refilled. And I will limit myself to one cup of coffee... only when I really need it. My drink of choice? Water.

2. Involve the family. I don't enjoy doing things alone and my family needs the exercise, too! There are so many fun activities we can all participate in together that will start my kiddos out on a path to be more active adults. This year we plan on getting my toddler on his first set of skis and I hope to take more than one trip out for some cross country skiing fun. We have a great trailer with sled attachments and my new baby can be bundled up in the Baby Bjorn for a nice even paced ski. I also want to get the family to the local water park more often. It is an hours drive away, but Splash is a fabulous indoor water park. Chasing my son around and splashing for a few hours is not work at all, but it does help to burn calories.

3. I will resign from the clean plate club. It is how I was raised. I tend to feel guilty about leaving food on my plate. I know somewhere deep in my brain this is silly. Even out in restaurants, where I know the portions are wonky, I feel the compulsion for one more bite. I hope this is the year I resolve to eat till I am full. How simple is this?

4. Make time. I am a Mother of 2 and a wife. But, I deserve some time for myself too. I promised myself that this year I would make some time for me. Whether that is leaving the baby and toddler with my DH so I can go to the gym or just hide in the garage for an hour with the treadmill, I will get away. There will always be dirty dishes, laundry and a boo-boo to kiss... but, I need to make time for my health. Simple as that.

5. I will love myself. This is the biggest one and really it ties into all the others. Feeling happy in my own skin is harder to do since my body still feels rather new to me. This is not the same body I had in high school or even college. This amazing body has had 2 beautiful babies. It has gotten me through all night feedings and teething. But, I don't just want to get to know the new me, I want to love myself. Love my strong and powerful legs. Love my curves. If I can do that, everything else will fall into place. If I am worth it I will care more about what I do with my body and what I put into it. Don't they claim that "My body is my temple"? Well, my temple has already accomplished some amazing things in 30 short years. I just need to acknowledge it and treat it accordingly.

Okay those are my 5. What about you? Please share your own tips or thoughts. I always love comments. And check out TwitterMoms for other posts on this topic. It is always fun to read other perspectives.

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