Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chivalry is Alive for Valentine's Day

Usually Sunday dinner is a way to bring the whole family together over a home cooked meal. And it is a great excuse to break out some new food magazines or cookbooks for recipe ideas that my Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law & I are dying to try out ourselves. This Sunday, being Valentine's Day, things were a little different. The guys were in the kitchen whipping up some fabulous stuff! I am now not sure that we should let them off so easily the rest of the year! It was a wonderful way to be pampered this Valentine's Day.

They each contributed a dish to the meal; my Brother-in-law breaded up some chicken cordon bleu with prosciutto & gruyere ... while my hubby threw together a mushroom, asparagus & parmesan orzo ... and my Father-in-law baked his way to a chocolate cake. Way to go guys! I think these were new recipes for them all and they even had the timing down perfectly. Double wow!

Jealous? Oh, you should be! Add to this a little splash of almond champagne and voila! Perfection, plain & simple. Chivalry is very much alive in our family. ...and the grub is fantastic, too!

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