Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go a Little Retro for Baby!

Do you remember leg warmers? I remember leg warmers, tights, Olivia Newton John... ah, the eighties. I never had a pair of my own when I was a child, but my Mom had several pairs. They were workout staples.... right along with Buns of Steal & headbands with rather obscene leotards. Um, butt floss anyone?

So I was skeptical when they made a comeback... not for adults, but for babies. But, they are not your Mama's leg warmers. Check out babySNAZZ and all the adorable patterns that they come in for your little one. Definitely a fun accessory (or staple?) for cloth diapering Mamas. Think about it. It is a great way to keep your little precious toasty as well as show off that cloth diaper. It is just such a shame to cover them up.

Well, I am sure you can guess where this is heading... would you like the chance to win a pair?

Head over to A Mom's Balancing Act for your chance to enter for a $10 GC for babySNAZZ . this contest will end 2/19. ENTER HERE.

And for another Baby Leg Warmer giveaway, head over to Annie's Home for a chance to win Agoo Leg Huggers . There will be 2 winners here for a pair of leg huggers. I love the puzzle pattern! This giveaway ends 2/19. ENTER HERE.
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