Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Around Every Corner... is Another Thing To Fix!

Well, we are still working on the house. It seems like every time something is fixed, something else is discovered broken or breaks! Here is the kitchen last Friday... the kitchen & cabinets had been painted and we were waiting for the appliances. It is amazing how quickly things have come together.

We first thought we would only be painting and cleaning... then we discovered there were no appliances. Okay, all doable. Then we discovered that an upstairs sliding door was broken (one of the panes was busted out with safety glass falling on the floor) This is the door (at right), but it does have a lovely view of the orchard! ... oh, and my DH found out the wiring needed some attention. It was a "shocking" discovery indeed! So, the "honey-do" list keeps getting longer and longer. Ugh. I just want to move.

The appliances (range & fridge) arrived last weekend and that took some time to hook up. did you notice we are doing it all ourselves? Given the dimensions, we bought a fridge we were told would fit. When it arrived, the delivery folks wouldn't push it back against the wall for fear of scratching it. It is a really close fit! Then we got the microwave/hood and now my kitchen looks complete! Yippee. The downside was as my DH was hooking up the fridge, a hose to the dishwasher broke. ...great...

Well, I will post some more pics soon. The kitchen already has transformed and clearing the dead growth has really perked up the front yard. Next up will be the kid's room. We are painting it a light blue and putting up some wall art. I am so excited!
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