Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogging MIA - But, so Excited!

So, I bet people are starting to wonder why I am not entering giveaways right now... not blogging as much and have been relatively quiet on twitter & facebook....

Well, we are knee deep in home repairs. Yesterday the kids' room was painted, a new faucet was installed, drawers were papered & the laundry room painting began. Today the carpets are being cleaned so I am home with the kiddos. I hope this means tomorrow we can begin moving in earnest!!! Yippee. I hate moving. The whole dance of packing, unpacking and organizing new spaces is daunting to me. I would be thrilled to never move again!

But with this new move comes a change of lifestyle. I will have a lovely garden, a big yard, more room for all of us and the option to have our chickens or a dog.

So, what is in it for you dear readers? Well, I have some fabulous giveaways & reviews lined up. I plan to start posting them on Monday if all goes well. I think I should have something for everyone! All products I have enjoyed and am glad to recommend to you. The sun is back in my part of Oregon, so I think we will start with the Baby Banz giveaway. Stay tuned!
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