Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday - Earth Day Edition

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

This week for Fluff Talk Thursday, we are talking all about how we can Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Now, the last "R" seems to get all the attention, so I would like to focus you back on the first "R". That is where I try to spend my time and attention. I try to first and foremost, reduce!
And how do I reduce my family's waste, you ask? Well, we try to find alternatives to all the things we so easily throw away. Starting with cloth. Cloth is a great thing, and unlike paper, it can be washed and reused multiple times. If you are already a cloth diapering Mama you know the benefits of cloth. Easier on the environment, easier on the bum (baby's that is!), and easier on the wallet. But, have you tried cloth wipes? I love mine. I have a wide array of sizes, colors and materials. In a pinch they can work for drooly chins, dirty fingers, and my DH has even used them as a hanky. I love multi-purpose items!

Then there are the "un-paper" towels. I won a lovely set of Autumn colors and have been loving them. They are soft and gentle for wiping little hands and faces, but they also wipe down my counters wonderfully. I also have the regular white "rags", dishcloths and washcloths in my cloth drawer in the kitchen.

What about all the ziplock bags? Or resealable bags with the food saver? Or the plastic containers (probably full of BPA...) in your kitchen? Well, we switched to the always economical and very reusable mason jar. I actually think they look rather pretty showing off all my beans and rice. What do you think?
Okay, these are just a few of my Earth Day tips. Do you have any to share? Please leave a comment. If you want to read more blogs on this topic, be sure to click on the Fluff Talk Thursday button at the top. Happily Domestic has a collection of blogs on her Linky. Cheers!
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