Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really, Why Do We Move?

We moved this past week... or, maybe I should say I am still in the process of moving. I won't feel like using the past tense until everything has a place and the boxes have all been recycled.

Something about moving really puts a damper on the holiday. Easter was not bad. My son loved finding his plastic eggs in our very own lawn even if the wind was determined to blow us all away. But, there is something very stressful about not being able to find the fitted sheet at bedtime, or have the bathroom unpacked so showering can happen before the house fills up with family. Ugh. Not the family part, I just felt grimy!

But, really... why do we move? Seems like most animals are happy to build a home and unless threatened they stay put. I moved around every couple of years as a child. Not far, but far enough to uproot me from a school and neighborhood. I didn't mind it then. But, what worries does a child have? As long as toys' boxes are clearly marked and unpacked quickly, life goes on. But, as an adult we have utilities to manage, decorating, change of address forms, the physical act of moving all of our earthly possessions and then the daunting task of unpacking.

We still are without internet which is difficult. We are sharing a wireless device & cell phone. I just hope a solution is found that works out here soon. There is no cable yet, okay not too bad, really... But, the unpacking and missing items are driving me a wee bit batty! We misplaced an entire bag of potatoes? Huh??? How does that happen? And why can't I find my pants? (A pair that are post baby size would be dandy!)

I am glad we moved. More space, room to grow and all that. It is great for my kids. My son has been able to play outside a lot and we now have a yard! For all this I am very grateful. I just never want to do it again as long as I live. Okay?
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