Saturday, April 17, 2010

UBP After Party!

Whew! Who knew that a SAHM of 3 could party so hard and for a whole week. My biggest problem is, there are so many more blogs to visit. I guess I will be trying to visit all of them before next years fabulous bash!

While I was blog hopping, I did come across some great blogs. My top 3 included: Finding Joy In My Kitchen , because she is also on a similar food journey as we are. She had gotten rid of the processed food in her kitchen, and is making it from scratch; The Local Cook, because her Shitake Pasta recipe looks fabulous and she strives to eat locally; and Loving My Life for all the great photos she shares of her family.

Thanks for the party! I am stuffed... too many cocktail weenies, I guess. Cheers! ... and I will see you all next year.
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  1. I was way too late on this and not prepared.. maybe next year. It seemed so busy and fun. Hope you win something.

  2. Yes, please come join next year! I won a custom tutu for my little girl. I will get it for her birthday and I am so excited.


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