Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Must-have Fashionable Pieces to Pack for Every Weekend Trip

Weekend Trips, we do a lot of them in this house. Nothing too far, nothing too fancy. My oldest is smack dab in the "terrible twos" and my daughter is only 8 months. So we try to keep it enjoyable for the whole family. But, with those two kiddos comes quite an army of must-haves... everything from the booster, potty chair, favorite toys to enough cloth diapers & changes of clothes to cover a small army. Do you relate?

The last person I pack for is myself. By then I am pooped, frazzled and well, out of space! So I try to keep it as simple as possible. With the Memorial Weekend coming up it is time to get packing! TwitterMoms and Gap Outlet have posed this timely little question, "What are your 5 must have?". As always you can jump over to the TwitterMoms' discussion board to catch all the fabulous posts and get in on the action yourself.

Here is my down & dirty list:

1. Either black or khaki capri pants. I think you can do just about anything with these. Cool enough for day, warm enough for night time. You can dress them up or down.

2. A fun pair of sandals. I think all ladies should have a favorite pair of sandals. Something that looks good, but also is comfortable enough to walk around in. I currently am searching for mine... I used to have an adorable pair of slip-ons with good cushion & just a little heel. Paired with a cute top and my capri pants, I would be set to look "Mom Chic".

3. A great pair of sunglasses. A little over-sized, but with good UV protection. My favorite pair are red and compliment the shape of my face.

4. Sunscreen. Oh, yes! An essential part of every woman's wardrobe. Nothing is more fashionable than not having skin cancer later on in life... and while you are at it, keeping those wrinkles at bay. I think sunscreen should be mandatory as putting on underwear... yeah, I am a stickler about that around here!

5. A hat. Simple, but ready to throw on at a moments notice. I never know when the Oregon Coast weather will whip my hair around, or if my daughter will smear some food on the back of my head. A hat can save you in almost any situation.

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Okay, that is my list and I'm sticking to it! For me the shirts, jackets or sweaters can all come and go, but I need those 5 things to make my weekend get away go smoothly. So, what are your top 5? What would you add or take off my list?

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