Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

I love vacationing with the "fam", but with 2 small kiddos it can take a lot of planning and creativity! Sometimes simple is best to keep a baby & toddler happy... as well as Williamsburg Tourism and TwitterMoms presented the challenge for mommy bloggers to share five fun family vacation activities your kids will love and I am going to share these with you. You can read other posts and get in on the action here .

  1. Water Parks. Do you have one near your home? We have Splash nearby in Springfield, Oregon that we try to visit once a month or so. They have a fabulous wave pool and water slide. Or make a big vacation out of it. I can't wait to go to the water park at Great Wolf Lodge in Washington. I hope in the next year or two we can get the time to do this. My kids love the water and it is fun for us adults, too!
  2. Educational. I love to learn new things! Whether we travel to a new zoo, museum ... there is a great Children's Science Museum I am dying to see in Portland, OR. ...or how about a historic location?
  3. Camping. Enjoy fun with your family in the fresh air and under the stars. My DH loves camping and I know we will be using this option the most. It doesn't help that it is within our budget. Here in Oregon we have so many gorgeous locations to choose from. It would be hard to see them all. Away from distractions like the TV, this gives families time to actually talk and enjoy each others company.
  4. Beach Comb. We live near the coast and there are so many great beaches to take advantage of. Add in all the great fresh seafood and wildlife available to enjoy and how can you go wrong? My son is just tickled to have a bucket and a shovel. Simple, good, (sandy?) fun.
  5. Road Trips. All the great options available when you drive yourself. My son is young and just starting to enjoy playing observation games. We can play "eye spy" as well as find letters and colors as we drive. Lots to see and do.

Make sure you pack accordingly for you trip and do your homework. Finding out the weather forecast and what the area is like can go a long way. If you are prepared, you can have a lot of fun.
Fun Family Vacation Activities
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