Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning A Fancy Nancy Tea Party

I was so excited to have my little girl after my son. I was really ready to bring on all things pink. Of course, one of the first things I bought her was a tea set! What is a girl to do without a tea set? The first thing I realized, was that tea parties were not just for girls! Oh, no. I think everyone likes to get a little fancy for a tea party.

So, if you have a "Fancy Nancy" at home.... or even a "Fancy Freddy", like I do, let's get ready to have fun with a tea party. I would like to say thanks to TwitterMoms Reading Channel and TwitterMoms for this fabulous blog post idea, yet again! As always, find out more about this post, and read other blogs' take on the topic on the TwitterMoms discussion page.

Let me share what I would do for tea party success...

  • Dress to set the mood - Anything goes here. This would be the time to dig into the dress-up box. If you don't have one, be sure to start collecting fun items like tiaras, crazy hats, scarves, bling, and anything else that strikes your fancy. (check out your local dollar store or goodwill)
  • Set the stage - We have a children's table & chairs for activities like this. I would love to make a special table cloth for the kids & cloth napkins. Then don't forget the tea set.
  • Invitations - Whether the party is for a friend, neighbor or just Mr. Bear, get creative with the art supplies to make special invitations. Let the kids go wild, or surprise them.
  • Snacks - Everyone loves a good finger food. Small finger sandwiches can be cut out with cookie cutters and small pieces of fruit work well. Pinkies up!
  • Don't forget Fancy Nancy's love of words - pick a new word or two to introduce and work into the conversation. See if everyone can use it. Who can use it the most?
  • Decortate - make the space special. A paper garland can work well, so can place cards for guests. Pull out some holiday tinsel or sprinkle a little confetti (or fairy dust) on the table.
What would you do to make your tea party Fancy Nancy ready? I would love to hear your suggestions. I hope you enjoy your tea time with your little one.

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