Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Translation Needed?

My son is 2 1/2... a big boy, by his own declaration. Gone are the quiet afternoons of simple baby coos and non stop babbling. This boy can talk! ...and he surprises us daily with what he says. He has dropped the baby nicknames for things, but I think sometimes we could still use a translator to keep up with him. Here are a few of my current favorites.

Doh-dums - Dominos

Bell-butt - Belly Button

High-tau - Helicopter

Track-trau - Tractor

Monkles - Monkeys

I need to record some of these before he outgrows them. They are so cute! They have also caused a lot of head scratching for relatives.

I know each toddler has their own special language. So, what does your toddler say?
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