Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's for Breakfast? Salmon Hash

I fully intended to follow my meal plan this week... but, it was derailed by a big salmon. A big, yummy salmon. Ever have that happen to you? So, dinner last night was at the in-laws with that lovely fillet of fish. The problem was, it was a well-fed salmon. A big 'ole sucker. So there was lots of left overs to be had. This will further derail my planning since I hate to have things go to waste. I would rather they go to my waist. :)

What do you do with left over salmon? Why you make salmon hash with dill cream sauce. Of course!

You Will Need:Left over cold salmon
2 russet potatoes1/2 medium onion
2 Tbsp half & half
1 Tbsp dijon mustard1/2 c. sour cream
1 tsp dried dill
fresh lemon halved & ready to squeeze
a handful of chives to snip small
capers (optional)salt & pepper to taste

I put my potatoes in the microwave the night before. I cook them till they are almost done, but not overcooked. Cube those and throw in with some olive oil & butter. I dice my onions small and add then once the potatoes have started browning.

You will need 2 sauces. Doesn't that sound decadent? First make a sauce with the half & half, dijon mustard & pepper. Whisk up. Then in another bowl mix the sour cream, a splash of lemon & chives.
Flake the salmon and set aside. When the potatoes have started to brown & form a nice crust, add the fish & dijon sauce. Make sure the heat is a low-medium & make sure everything gets coated with the sauce. You just need to warm up your left-over salmon.

Serve this with a sunny-side-up egg and with the sour cream/dill sauce drizzled over the top. Then top with a couple of capers (if you have any lurking in your pantry or fridge) Enjoy!

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  1. Love trying out new salmon recipes, thanks!

  2. Love it. I'm having salmon for supper will have to save some for tomorrow morning :)


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