Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doughnuts - The Voodoo Way!

Have you heard of Voodoo Doughnut? Famous worldwide I first saw them featured on Food Network. When I found out they were in Portland (OR) I knew I had to go. I mean that is in my state! Then I read about them in on Amazon's al Dente Blog. I knew it was my destiny.

We love doughnuts, and this fun and funky doughnut hole-in-the-wall bakery is worth the trip. They are famous for their voodoo doll bar doughnuts, but also for their bacon wrapped maple bars. The list of possible doughnuts is pretty overwhelming. We visited the original shop in Old Town with the "Crueller Chandelier of Life". We decided to stick with our personal favorites... also classics, maple bar, old fashioned, apple fritter & a buttermilk bar. They were so good! Yeah, it isn't just about the atmosphere there!

In the bathroom you will find a duct tape mural and the sign on the wall claims "The Magic is In The Hole". Every where you look, the walls are decorated and there is even a doughnut bar outside so you can stand and eat. The shop itself had one table, but it was really only big enough for a handful of people to stand. A little crazy, but definitely yummy. One of the Portland locations even offers weddings. Did I not say crazy? They have 2 locations in Portland and recently opened up shop in Eugene also. I look forward to trying the new shop, which is also closer to home (1 hour drive vs. 3).

I am not sure Little Man knew what in the world this place was, but he did enjoy seeing the cereal doughnuts go around the display case.

I would recommend this place to anyone based on the doughnuts, the novelty and the sheer fun of eating in a tiny little place that is known around the world - and totally deserves it!
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