Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is it the Weekend, Yet?

Is it? Is it really? Boy, it doesn't feel like it. I know the calender says Saturday, but now that we are living on the farm, there is no such thing. The kids still need multiple clothing changes, numerous diaper changes, several bottles of various fluids...and many bowls of snacks. Then the chickens need care, the garden needs weeding and my laundry and dishwasher are always going. For some reason the "weekend" sparks a desire to bake, cook and experiment with food for the week. Busy, busy, busy!

Sometimes I think my weekends are busier than the weekdays! Today I have lots on my mind and multiple recipes just begging to be tried out. So, check out my blog on Monday for some pics of my weekend food exploits. I should also have those giveaways up soon, too! Stay tuned...
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