Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strawberries Everywhere!

We love strawberries around here and for the next couple of weeks you will see several posts along this theme. I just can't help it. They are now in season and we try to take advantage of the local berries. They are hands down the best. Here is my evenings adventure into a large flat of berries.

So, I am a tool girl... I love having specialized kitchen gadgets for all my jobs. Above is pictured two slightly different stem tools. They make quick and easy work of a large flat of berries with very little of the flesh lost.

I wanted to keep everything simple. My berries were very ripe and fading fast. I am not ready to can jam yet, so I decided to make some fruit leather. My son can't get enough of it. I pureed it up in our blender with a touch of lemon juice and a bit of sugar. I would have used honey, but decided against it because my daughter is still pretty young. Our pediatrician advised against honey for babies due to possible botulism contamination. So, plain old sugar it was. Not much... just enough.

Spread it out in our dehydrator and off it went for 8 hours. I hope to make another batch tomorrow. Later this week I will dehydrate the berries themselves. Yum.

I used a bit of the puree with larger chunks of strawberries for frozen treats. Again, just berries, lemon juice & a Tbsp of sugar. So, what have you done with strawberries lately?
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