Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Finally!... acceptance

Speaking of sleeping toddlers...

Seems like sleeping (or not) toddlers are going around this week. Not just a minute before I snapped this photo (right before I ran scrambling for the camera!) my son had his arm around his sister. I guess he has decided that she is here to stay.

We co-sleep with our toddler and find that we all get a better night sleep that way. I understand it isn't for everyone, and we have had him sleep in his crib in the past. This just works for us, and ends up being such a pleasant wake-up.

As a side note, my daughter, who is 10-months-old, sleeps most of the night in her crib. Oddly enough, she sleeps better this way. I guess all children are different. This is a rare morning where we were all snuggled up together. Luckily they slept while I carefully slid out of bed. Yeah, that never happens!

Because we love our toddlers (today said through gritted teeth!) head on over to Minnesota Mama's to link up your own antics. Enjoy!

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