Friday, July 9, 2010

Awe... You Shouldn't Have!

Ah, Food Floozie you crack me up! Have you guys seen her blog? Food Floozie, a.k.a. Yenta Mary, just kindly bestowed on me an award... which award? Well, she left the choice up to the recipients. The list has a few award choices and I have to admit though the Plastic Joy award is tempting... but, this is strictly a family blog. (in a past life...)

But, let's get back to what we are here for, shall we? Yeah, I feel like making a tiny speech. I would like to thank our dear Food Floozie for the Versatile Blogger Award ... don't I do a bit of everything? Well, I honestly have to say that I love seeing Yenta Mary's comments and she is so good about commenting. Bloggers are a little like crazy people. We talk and talk to no one. Well, until we get a comment back and then it all seems to make sense. So, thanks for the sanity. Take a peak at her blog. A fellow food lover with a great wit and quirky writing style. She also has a post "Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie is essential for warm weather happiness"(at so what is there not to love about her? Yeah, I love my rhubarb!

Okay, so the award...

So, I am to share 7 things with all of you...

1. I am afraid of the dark and closet doors left open at night. I know, I am an adult, but I prefer them all closed. Thank you.

2. I struggle to stay awake till 10 pm, and then by 11 I can't get myself to bed. That is why blogging at night works well for me.

3. I must sleep with my foot outside of the covers. Not an arm, and not my torso... just a foot. Otherwise I get too hot.

4. To eat a Reeses Peanut Butter cup I eat around the outside first, then I peel off the layers of chocolate and eat the peanut butter in one big chuck. Needless to say, I eat these alone.

5. I adore Meringue Pies! I have never made one and haven't eaten one for years since I stayed away while I was pregnant or nursing. I hope I still like them...

6. I don't drive, and never have. Most places I lived had public transit. Now it is becoming a fear of mine to drive with my kids. I have had a smattering of lessons from various people, but never the chance to get my license.

7. My biggest achievement? (besides my 2 kiddos!) Would have to be traveling all over Asia alone in my mid twenties. 6 countries and so many great memories.

And now pass this award onto 15 other fabulous bloggers you recently discovered. Be sure to let them know. Okay guys, so here you are.

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I will be working through linking and notifying all the blog owners. Though, since this is my first day back in the saddle since being sick, I will generously give myself the weekend to get that accomplished.
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