Friday, July 2, 2010

Do I Deserve the Fail Whale?

Seems like Twitter ...and blogger for that matter... have not been showing me any love back this week. Usually it doesn't take me very long to do all my daily retweets and then catch what is going on in the twitter-verse. But, I keep getting smacked in the face with the "Fail Whale". Stupid thing. Anyone know what is going on? High traffic, yada-yada... still makes me frustrated.

Then blogger decided to hate on me. Full on throwing posts back at me... my comments filter back into my email as failing. Um... didn't even realize that happened. Does technology have it in for me? Even the DVR is giving me fits. What does all this mean? (Lol... probably too much technology in my life!)

Anyone else been having an unusually techy-tough week?

I am just hoping my luck changes. I have posts to write and contests to enter!
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