Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flavor Your Day

I love drinking water. That is about all my Mom drank when I was young and I started the habit early. Seems like whenever I am drinking water, and I pack my kleen kanteen around most days, someone always makes a comment about how they should drink more. Yeah, we all know we should, but it seems like I find lots of folks adverse to water drinking because it is so, well... boring! With the thermometer going up we need to stay hydrated, so here are my tips.

Come on, admit it. Do you get bored with plain old water? Or do you dislike the taste? Well, if your water has a taste... that is probably whatever is in it. Not the water's fault. There are two tricks for making plain water taste better... filters and cold. Simple, right? Keeping a filtration pitcher in your fridge is one really good solution for both. We were drinking so much, so fast we opted for a tap filter. Then I can just put a glass pitcher of this in the fridge or add ice to my glass as necessary.

And what if you get bored with your water? Okay, then get adding! There are many simple things you can add to a pitcher of water or just your glass. My favorites include cucumber slices, mint sprigs, lemon slices, basil leaves, berries, melon or chunks of ginger. You can also mix & match. I have enjoyed mint & lemon or cucumber & mint. All of these natural additives have calming effects on the digestive system. One of my favorite coolers for a party involves lemons, cucumbers, orange and mint leaves. After an hour in your pitcher you can strain them out and serve a naturally flavored water to your guests.

Don't leave your additives in for longer than a couple of hours, or a day if in a refrigerated pitcher. As they breakdown, they can make the water bitter.

The other bonus is flavored waters can cost a lot! So, this ends up being a frugal and refreshing tip. Just remember this summer, water doesn't have to be boring. Simply add a little flavor to your day!
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