Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garden... woo-hoo?

This has been a strange summer so far. I can't believe it is almost July and my poor little garden is just starting to take shape. Okay, it wasn't me. Not to say my thumb is neon green or anything, but the weather here in Oregon has been so strange. We had a rather cold, rainy spell when it should have felt more like Spring. The plants are a bit confused and many of my seedlings didn't take off like they should have. I am happy to report, not all is lost. So, this is what my little patch looks like right now.

I am such a proud Mama! First off the brussel sprouts have done the best. Those and my 3 rhubarb plants really did well in the cold dreary weather. No cracks about the brussel sprouts. I love them. Especially fresh. The middle row has a few tomato plants... roma, cherry and regular varieties. The back row shows some of my basil. I planted two different types of basil. The regular sweet, and a short miniature type. Both are doing better now. I almost pulled them all up in frustration. Basil likes the hot sun!

Then there are my poor little artichokes. These are supposed to produce for multiple years, but they are pretty stunted from the wacky weather. They did hold on though. I didn't loose a single seedling. Yay!

Then, the star of my garden, the chard. This is almost ready to cook up. Then I will plant more. They were supposed to be a multicolored variety, but all the stalks are red right now. Oh, well. They will taste the same. Mmmm...

...and then the real garden surprise... my garlic. I have never grown this before. Actually it was given to me and since I hate to see things go to waste, I planted it. Once the leaves die down we can start poking around for our garlic. Yippee!

I can't wait till we can start eating out of our garden. The lettuce and mescalin greens should be ready shortly. Happy gardening to everyone!
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