Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outlast Can Save the Day

Last week I came down with a horrible stomach bug. Not my idea of fun and I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone. I am pretty sure I picked it up from my baby... now that she can crawl, she is a curious explorer always on the move and putting everything and anything into her mouth. I am sure she is one giant cootie-mobile at the moment. Oh, well. Not much I can do about that. But, I can control our hand cleanliness.

Stashed in the side of my diaper bag is a fabulously small -sized bottle of Outlast Hand Sanitizer. Now, this may not keep me from having ever another stomach bug, but it can help me cut down on bacteria on my hands. Believe me, I will do just about anything to cut down on illnesses in our house. I just haven't the energy to be sick!

I know, I know... we all have heard about alcohol based hand sanitizers before. But, if you think they are all the same, you would be wrong.

  • OutLastTM Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer works for up to 6 hours. Leading hand sanitizers only work for two minutes.
  • OutLastTM Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer is alcohol-based, so it kills 99.99% of germs instantly.
  • It isn't drying in your hands but dries quickly, making it easy to use.
I am glad I had the chance to review this product, and I will be recommending it to my friends. Or better yet, I will let them try it the next time we get into a sticky (or icky) kid situation while out. There is only one definite with kiddos... germs will happen! But, I can handle them with my small bottle of OutLast Hand Sanitizer!

*Disclaimer - I was sent a sample of this product in order to do a fair and honest review. No monetary compensation was involved.
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