Saturday, August 14, 2010

Corn-tastic Tortillas!

When you live in a small town, the simplest things become the event of the year... After at least a year of controversy, town debate and holding my breath in anticipation Costco finally opened up a store in our town. Nothing could make this frugal mama happier!

My first purchase? One of their rotisserie chickens at the bargain price of $4.99. Yes, I could cook a whole chicken for less... and it would have less sodium, etc.... but, this one is done, done, done. I rarely buy convenience food and this was my splurge.

Immediately I made plans for my cheap chicken... enchiladas! Bring 'em on. But, since I am not feeding a small army, I didn't buy the giant pack of corn tortillas at my beloved Costco. I couldn't imagine going through that many tortillas in a year. (My kiddos can only have a tenth of an ear on their medical diet). So, what is a savy SAHM to do? Well, make my own.

Seriously, this is so simple it almost hurts. Okay, not really... but is is super simple. Just grab a few items...
Water, Salt & Masa Harina to be exact. I followed the package instructions... 2 cups masa, 1/4 tsp. salt & 1 1/4 c. water. Mix and let rest for 30 minutes. This allows all the moisture to be absorbed.

Divide into 16 balls and roll. Use 2 sheet of wax paper to make this easy. I also have a tortilla press, but was feeling the groove with my rolling pin. Just plop them down in a dry, yet medium high heat cast iron skillet and keep an eye on them. Keep finished tortillas covered with a towel as you cook the rest to keep them from drying out.

Okay, not so pretty... but delicious! It is amazing the difference.

I used my corn tortillas to make enchiladas... a green chili/ sour cream sauce...

Sorry, it was hard to snap a pic before the hungry wolves (myself included!) descended on the dish. This is one of my DH's faves, and so simple. You will love the difference of eating your own fresh made corn tortillas. If I could do it, so can you!
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