Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ever Wondered About... The Wonder Hanger?

I have seen my share of infomercials, and Wonder Hangers have always caught my eye. Who wouldn't want a simple and affordable way to organize an out of control closet? I mean, that is more room for shopping, right?

I was fortunate enough to be selected for a Wonder Hangers Blog Tour through Parent Reviewers. So this was my chance to get my closet in order. Since we recently moved into this house the closets have been a low priority to organize. They are one of the few things no one sees. But, I have to use our shared closet space and it really bugs me!

The box contained 8 wonder hangers that will hold 5 garments or hangers each. So, 40 garments can be organized for just $9.99. That isn't bad. In the box were the hooks and the rings. After snapping them together I headed to our entryway closet. This isn't terrible, but I would love more room for company to hang their coats. This was our before...

And here is the after. See how much room it freed up? This seems like a fabulous way to store all of our coats. I want to get our other coats out of storage and put them in the closet, too. We finally have the room for all of them to be in there at the same time!

So my opinion of Wonder Hangers? I am impressed. So simple, and it works. The coats won't fall off, and they are still easy to see and find. That to me is priceless!

Some suggestions for using the Wonder Hangers include organizing by season, color, or putting together outfits. An easy way to keep things from wrinkling, and keep people from "losing" clothes in their closet. This product can be found online at or at major retail chains including Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and CVS.

So, do you have a closet to organize?
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