Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five of your favorite family time ideas.

We love to spend time as a family! That would be one of the reasons we decided to take this crazy adventure out here on the farm. It is a simpler life with everyone close by and time to ourselves in the evening. TwitterMoms & Lego Games are challenging bloggers to write about their family time ideas. So, how do we choose to spend our time?

First off, we love getting to know our food! Whether it is an afternoon of U-Pick in the strawberry patch, or an evening walk to the peach orchard, the kids really love seeing where their food comes from and then choosing their own!

We love to go on a family bike ride in the evening. Helmets on and we pedal away! We have a double bike carrier and the kids love to feel the wind in their hair and see the countryside from their sweet little ride.

Our third favorite activity? Well, getting down and dirty together in the kitchen. My kiddos are of the age that being with Mom and getting to mix the batter is the highlight of their day! I have made all sorts of things with the kids and even invested in some good child-sized and child-safe kitchen utensils to make it more fun. Apron up and let the fun begin!

Our fourth favorite family activity would be reading together. As a young family my DH & I are working hard to create life-long readers. It is fun to sit around on the bed, on the couch, or just plopped down on the floor with a good book. Sound effects and funny voices give it an added level of silliness.

And our fifth family time idea? Why, a good game of course! There are so many ways to play as a family... from a roaring and sweaty game of tag outdoors, to the Wii resort in our living room... and don't forget classic board games! They are a fabulous way to get everyone together and interacting! Currently our favorites include the starting games like the new farm animal UNO, and matching games. With my son's approaching birthday though, I think we are ready to break into Cooties or Barrel of Monkeys, too!

So, what about you? How does your family enjoy time together? If you want to join in on the TwitterMom fun, check out their discussion board for other great posts on this topic.

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