Sunday, August 29, 2010

Proud Mama- 1st Birthday Party!

Woo~ Such a wild last couple of days planning and prepping for my little girl's big first birthday. We had friends, a few Zhu Zhu pets Wild Bunch (more on that to come!) and frosted cupcakes... nom, nom, nom!

The cupcakes were a hit! Nothing really complicated, just vanilla cupcakes with fudge butter cream and chocolate cupcakes with strawberry butter cream. My kiddos, of course, had special low-protein cupcakes with the strawberry frosting in different colored cupcake papers - for easy tracking! No one turned their noses up at my cupcakes, and I had many Moms asking for the directions. I think most people are surprised to find out how easy it actually is to make your own frosting. I will post the recipes shortly.

While her brother has never been fond of cake, my little girl grabbed it with both hands and dove right in! The adorable chicken bib is from Kitchen Clothesline.

She just loves dressing up. I always find her putting things on and over her. So, I got this adorable tutu and wings from My Fancy Princess. These were both on sale! So cute!

I think Daddy really enjoyed showing off his little birthday girl.

It was a great day, though I am glad birthdays only come once a year. Now I have 2 months to put together and throw my little man a fire truck-rific 3rd birthday bash. Wish me luck!
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