Monday, August 16, 2010

Toddler Tuesdays - Big Boy

Babies grow up so fast, but toddlers are changing at warp speed. I am always amazed with the changes in my son as he picks up expressions, gestures, vocabulary and attitude. There is no stopping the changes and some days I feel a little bowled over by them! When I stop to think about it I am overwhelmed by the person he is becoming. Looking back at videos and remembering the cute nicknames my son gave everything brings a tear to my eye. The changes are nothing short of amazing. So, today's Toddler Tuesday is devoted to how fast my little man is growing up.

Don't worry, I won't blubber over my lost baby too much in this post. Well, maybe a little, but I really want to do is highlight some of my favorite things he has outgrown or just started doing. Real reminders that he is growing up so fast!

First there are the expressions he has picked up... today I heard him shout, "Oh, crumbs!" when he dropped a bowl. Thank goodness he hasn't been listening to his uncle's exclamations!

Today as we were making cupcakes I spilled a little flour on the flour and was frustrated by the mess. My son patted me and said, "It's okay Mommy. It'll taste goooood." Such a sweetie!

Then there are the loss of cute words. My son no longer says "doh-dums" instead of dominoes. And when my DH pointed out a whole parking lot of "washing machines" to him, he said "No Daddy. Those are not washing machines. Those are cement mixers." Awwe... It is a loss of an era.

And for the earth shattering change? My son has started sharing his snacks, even the ones he likes, with his sister. Now, toys are still another matter. But, food is a start. They share the same diet so it is pretty safe.

So, with a small tear in my eye and a little, *sniff*, I have to admit that my son is still a toddler, but definitely growing up. Some days a bit faster than I would like.

If you have a toddler what changes make the biggest impact on you? Or if your children are older, I would love to hear a favorite memory. I just love hearing from my readers. Care to share?

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