Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chrismas Predictions - Courtesy of Toys "R" Us

Have you seen the Toys "R" Us hot holiday toy predicitons for 2010? The list is up, you can find it on the Toys "R" Us website, but I am not very impressed. With 62 items on the list... I think it is leaving out a few things that are on my kids' lists.

So, there are only a few classic favorites...Nerf, Lego, Leapfrog & Playmobile are always great brands to gift from. But, I really have to question the Mattel Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. Is it me, or do the mouths remind anyone else of cheap 80's hair scrunchies hot glued on? Can anyone explain to me why these are so great? We really don't need any more battery requiring dolls/stuffed animals in the house.

I am excited to see games make the list because I think games are great for family time. I am most excited about the new Lego line of board games. Not sure which one I want yet, but Harry Potter tops the list. Then there is Cuponk! Looks an awful lot like a child's version of Beer Pong. I am not sure that is what I want my child working on this Christmas.

The Pillow Pets? These formerly As Seen on TV pillow/stuffed animal are darling, and we own two ourselves, but are these really a must have for Christmas? I think they would be fun to receive, but not really an engaging toy to play with under the tree. My kids each have one and love to nap with them, but I don't see these as being the toys that every child will be wanting.

I do think that Toys "R" Us missed a few important items... On our list are the die cast Chuggington characters and track. These are traintastic and perfect for the little chugger in your life. I am so exited to get these for my son. You can pre-oder them now, and they are available 10/10. And what about the new Sesame Street Wii games & controllers for toddlers? I predict this will be flying off the shelves this season. These will be available 10/19 and at $40 each, it seems like a good investment in family game night to me. I don't want to count out Zhu Zhu Pets this holiday season either. With the Wild Bunch & Kung Zhu added to the family this year, there are toys for everyone. I was not a huge fan of these at first, but my kids love them!

Okay, I am sure there are other great items I missed. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the Toys "R" Us' Hot Holiday Toy List. What do your kids want this year?
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