Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Mommy's Time Out - Brownie Crumbs, and a Few Deep Breaths

Yesterday we started on a project I was dying to do... but, today I must suffer the consequences. I am currently parenting 2 small kids in one room and I think my head might just explode. Not figuratively... no, as my temples throb and my temper starts up... my head might just *pop*.

We finally broke down to buy a carpet cleaner from my new favorite store (and finally local!) Costco. The kids had spilled their "milk" one too many times on the carpet and it wasn't helping the overall look of the room. Their special medical formula does amazing things to keep their brains growing and healthy, but leaves nasty sticky messes that wreak of rotten potatoes. Yum. Last night we moved everything from the living room and my DH spent a good 1/2 hour slowly cleaning. It looks fabulous! I can't wait till it dries... but, for now we are stuck.

It is hard on the kiddos. It was raining earlier and so playing outside in the gooey mud was not really an option. I don't blame the kids for being tired of our confined space. I just couldn't take another scream filled (theirs, not just mine) minute of playing referee. So, in one crazed moment I scooped up all their toys and put them in the playroom upstairs. I told my son it was time for Mommy to have a time-out and down the stairs I went. I am pretty sure from his blank expression that this surprised him.

I feel much better. I just needed a little air. I needed a moment. I had a chance to finish the last few drops of my coffee and eat the last few brownie crumbs from the pan. The carpet isn't dry yet, but I might just be ready to go back and play with my kids. But not just yet. There is no crying... just soft conspiratorial whispers. I think they are just fine. Sometimes Mommy just needs a time-out. So I wonder, does anyone else ever need a moment?
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