Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Busy!

I just wanted to type up a quick note about what I have up my sleeve... there is a lot coming for you guys, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out.

Giveaways have been few and far between because I have been working behind the scenes on a new blog Mission 2 Mom. This new blog will be my outlet for everything describing my life as a Mom of 2. Adventures in all Things Food was originally intended as a cooking blog outlet, and I would love for it to get back there. It will be a really slow process where I will still host reviews and giveaways for food here, but the kids and toys will be moving to the other blog. It will be my grand experiment with Wordpress and I am a little nervous about having a '.com' instead of a blogstpot blog. I still don't know what to do with the design, so it is not quite ready to unveil.

Along with this, I am joining the Daring Baker group and will be showcasing my adventures at the end of every month... starting next month with my first challenge. I am so excited about this. 3 years ago I found the group and just knew that I wanted to try it for myself. It seemed like a great way to learn new techniques and try making things I ordinarily wouldn't have. With my babies I had no time to bake and am now feeling more confident that I can make time for it. I hope everyone will enjoy the pics and recipes.

Then, I am also applying to the Mamavation Sistahood. Those posts will be every Monday with a little update on my weight loss, exercise and general fitness journey. I have 70 lbs to lose (gasp!) but, I think I can do it with support from the Sistahood, as well as my readers here. Eventually this post will move over to the  Mission 2 Mom site, but for now I am most comfortable with blogger posting.

Top this all with a Holiday Gift Guide including some fabulous reviews of  the VTech Mobigo, 2 different Spin Master Toys, and some other great goodies... and then for the cherry on top? Come January, I will be part of  the Blogtastic Extravaganza. What is that? It is a blog hop full of giveaways each valued at $50 or more! Isn't that cool?

Whew! Told you that I was busy. Now I need to go back to some prepping. Keep an eye out for a Foster Farms giveaway in the next day or two, and some yummy Farm Rich food reviews to get you ready for the holidays.
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