Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is October Stretched Too Thin?

It has come to my attention that October is:

*National Bake & Decorate Month
*Breast Cancer Awareness Month
*Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
*International Dinosaur Month
*Filipino American History Month
*National Popcorn Month
...and the list goes on and on... 

Um, I think of October and think Halloween... and then I start to panic because it becomes birthday and holiday season in our home. But, what about all these other "celebrations"? My inbox is flooded with requests to do posts telling you guys all about what National __(fill in the blank)___ Month it is. I am saying enough, is enough. If you observe or promote any of these days, I don't mean any offense. I support Breast Cancer Awareness Month... and even took an online peek at the dogs in our local shelter, but I just can't keep up with all of October's goings-on. The more "things" that keep lumped onto months, the less they all mean. It is kinda like one bumper sticker on a car gets my attention, but 30 on the same car has me rolling my eyes.

Halloween already is struggling... I mean we already have Thanksgiving... and even some Christmas decorations up in my local stores. Last week I found Halloween place mats on close-out at 60% off. It wasn't even half-way through the month. Can't we all just give October a break? ...yeah, please forgive my rant. As a busy Mom I can barely get everything ready by Oct. 31st... let alone have to keep all the other items straight.

Okay, I promise to take a few deep breaths and clear out my inbox. I wish everyone and respective "National Day" the best, but I will be sticking with my favorite holiday. I want to give it plenty of time for a great build-up, so when the trick-or-treaters are gone I don't feel cheap. I will have had my fill of the celebration, and have given poor October, and it's fabulous holiday the attention it deserves.

Happy October everyone!
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