Thursday, October 7, 2010

#TableManners Twitter Party

Do you enjoy family dinners? Do you really enjoy your family dinners? I have to say that in my house there is more food being smeared than eaten. With two children, a 1-year-old and an almost 3-year-old, dinner is less than proper.

We are working hard at using our utensils correctly, passing things (not throwing) during dinner, and using "please" and "thank you". But, I am always looking for more help to get my little guy on the path to Mr. Manners.

I have had more than a few dinner time mishaps with my children... usually having to do with the kids grabbing for things at the table. I have ended up in a few occasions with wet pants in a restaurant because my son knocked over a water. Of course the ultimate humiliation usually comes from melt downs... but flying food is no joke either. Oh, and a word of warning... don't sit in the booth behind my son.

@BarberFoods is holding a twitter party on October 14th,  7:30 - 9 pm EST. I will be there... and already RSVP'd.  With the holidays just around the corner, I am hoping that the Etiquette Queen and other manner experts can help me keep the mashed potatoes off the ceiling. Join in, have some fun and possibly win some cool prizes! For more info about those prizes and how to RSVP, just click on the cool button below. See ya there!

Barber Foods
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