Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday - Giveaways? Yes!

I am so excited about Cyber Monday. No, not because I hope to snag a good deal. Really, my Christmas shopping is almost finished and I plan on sticking to our budget. I am excited because there are some great Cyber Monday Giveaways going on.


Mama Must Have It

This fun little event will begin tonight at midnight, and only run for 24 hours. So, no sleeping in! Just head over to Girl Gone Mom, and also at Fabulous Won, Mama Must Have It, This Mama Rocks and many other blogs to get in on the fun. Good luck!
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  1. I follow (and found you through) Girl Gone Mom but thanks for the heads up to Mama Must Have It. I am pretty obsessed with giveaways!

    - J


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