Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Introducing Chloe.... our bed kitty

I grew up with cats, so I knew I eventually wanted to have a cat for our family. Of course, I waited till we lived somewhere appropriate to have a kitty. Our last apartment would never have worked! We didn't have a yard, and the place was too small for 4 people, let alone 4 plus a cat.

In our new home, we had a need for a good mouser, so I put the request out for a cat. How? Oh, I posted here, on facebook and twitter. Luckily, one friend sent me a message that she had a cat for me. Fast forward a few weeks and Chloe, a 6 year old female, joined our growing family. She has given us a few surprises! First off? Well, my "mouser" loves to sleep all day in our back room... and then comes out to snuggle while we are in bed. She is affectionately called the bed kitty.

On rare occasion, she will come out and help me in the evening. This night we were folding laundry. After 4 months she is still adjusting to our home.

Ultimately I am happy that we decided not to adopt a kitten. A mature cat has proven to be more predictable when around my toddlers. Chloe came from a home with a toddler, so she knows what to expect. With my hands full of children, I just didn't have the time required of a playful little kitten. Chloe is more interested in being petted and given her space. That works well for me.

So, besides letting everyone see our new family member, not brand new... but, she wasn't out during the day for photos earlier, I wanted to remind everyone how great a adopting a mature pet can be. Often overlooked in shelters, mature pets can be a great fit for families not wanting to go through the puppy or kitten period. So, if you think your family is ready to expand, why not take a look at the adults at your local shelter... or just ask around to your friends.
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