Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mamavation Monday - Wonder Woman

...just don't put me in a bustier any time soon!

Back to 189! -1 lb from last week. Yippee!

I want to thank all the fabulous ladies who commented and showed their support on last week's post. I needed the encouragement to get back into the game. Since the post and Mamavation TV I have been thinking a lot about strong female heroes. Who do we have as women? Oddly enough, Wonder Woman jumped to my mind. Is that crazy? Have you seen the get-up that Lynda Carter had to squeeze into? Don't get me wrong. Her truth compelling lasso would work well for me with the kiddos... But, as I come down from a candy induced Halloween high I wonder who I would want to be. Wonder Woman would be out. At my size, that would be crazy! I would need at least 3 of her tops to cover me.

From my childhood nostalgia I remember Wonder Woman being strong and powerful...maybe just a touch glamorous? I don't even think I can remember the exact details but that is my personal goal. I want to be a strong and powerful female. Not only because I want to kick a little behind, but because I want my children to look up to me. Especially my daughter. Now that I have little girl I have a burning desire to lose the weight and be strong for her.

For the fabulous Blogging Carnival, going on over at Bookie Boo, my Commit to Fit Challenge will be to get ready to ski. Not since I found out I was pregnant with me son have I squeezed into my bibs and donned a parka for some skiing fun. I need to not only fit in the clothing, but also be able to enjoy the day. Our family enjoys both cross country as well as a bit of down hill. This year will the first time going out with both kiddos in the trailer, as well as letting my 3-year-old son try on skis. My challenge is not only to get out there, but to also enjoy the day without feeling too winded.  I can totally do this! I am motivated! This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Subway (@subwayfreshbuzz). One winner of the blogging carnival wins $100 towards the fitness goal of their choice. I think this would pay for either some new ski gear, or I have been eyeing the EA Sports Active 2. *drool*

MAMAVATION TV:  Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV. Special guests are Sharon Catherine Blanks and Billy Blanks Jr.
SISTA OF THE WEEK: Yay for Heather (@notdiyheather)

So here are the week's goals:
1. Be good till turkey day (aka portion sizes and watch calorie intake)
2. Survive turkey day (aka don't be tempted to unbutton the top of my pants)
3. Feel good about myself after turkey day (be happy and able to live with my previous choices)
4. Keep Hydrated (I was so bad last week! I need a camel back.)

I do have one more thing to share ladies, here is how I am passing the mamavation on:

 This was my little girl's first time manning the salad spinner! That night my son also had a good 2 bites of his salad. I was a pretty proud mama.  Hot pants or not, I felt like a good role model that night.
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