Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Gift I Ever Gave - & SWAGG

At this time of giving, what was the best gift you ever gave? Was it expensive? Was it an inside joke? Or did it bring a tear to the receiver's eye?

After all these 30 plus years, I think the most memorable gift I gave was also the most humble. In first and second grade my elementary school set up a small shop where students could buy gifts for their parents and friends. I was so excited to save my change to get something special, and most importantly a surprise, for my parents. Children have few chances to truly surprise their parents with gifts. Over two days of recesses I poured over the table of odds and ends. I was so driven to find the perfect item for my parents.

My father worked maintenance, so I chose a mini keychain screwdriver set for him. For my mother, I picked out a Santa candle. I am sure that I was beaming when I went home from school that day. I wrapped each gift up myself and set them under our tree.

Unfortunately our cat wasn't content to wait for Christmas... Before Christmas she chewed part of Frosty's top hat off! I remember being so disappointed. Today I still don't know what possessed our cat to gnaw on a candle??!! My Mom quickly got out black paint and "fixed" the hat.

Every year after that, my Mom put out the candle with all the other decorations, and my Dad's mini screw drivers had a special place in our utility drawer. I don't think I ever achieved that level of holiday gift giving since. It has always reminded me that it really is the thought and time put into a present that counts.

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Check out SWAGG, and come back and let me know what you think. I am just starting to add my loyalty cards and gift cards now. I want to post a review in the near future to let you guys know what I think about the app.

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