Monday, January 24, 2011

Who is in My Fab 5?

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I started blogging because I read a blog. I read a good blog and it drew me in. Then I found more blogs, blogs about other stay-at-home moms, blogs about cooking, blogs about baking, blogs about blogs... well, you get the picture. The good, and the bad, they inspired me to blog. In honor of this, I want to share my fab five. All are very different blogs and all bring me joy in some way.

I am a Pacific Northwest blogger and first off I want to introduce Our Ordinary Life.

I love Kristin's blog. She is a media savvy lady with a blog highlighting her life, her area, as well as showcasing great products, contests and her thoughts. I found her blog through a giveaway, but stayed to read all about her adventures. I would say her life is anything but ordinary. I love that Kristin is honest, but also open to differing opinions, even if she doesn't share them. If you are looking for a great blog from a mom's point of view, give this one a try.

Since I love food and the challenge of making it myself, I enjoy reading Finding Joy in My Kitchen

This is a "drool-worthy" blog. Whether it is a cranberry oat muffin or whole wheat tortillas, she has a great recipe for you. I love that she is striving to cook from scratch and enjoy her food. You won't find any short cuts or frozen substitutes here. I can tell she has a passion for food, and a hunger to enjoy it. This is a great blog to cook along with.

For the days that I need a quick laugh, I turn to June Cleaver Nirvana.

June Cleaver Nirvana Dallas Mom Blog

This is the sort of blog that might require a change of pants for. If following Holly's stick figure adventures doesn't cause you to laugh yourself silly, then try out any of her other hilarious posts. Okay, they aren't all side-stitch funny, she does write some sweet and poignant posts, but I really go for the funny. Either way there is great writing that will cause you to smile and think. Follow her family, mishaps and life in general. Everything interesting happens to Holly. Make sure you don't miss out on what it will be next.

When I am feeling lucky and need a great review or to enter a giveaway, I go over to  The Not-So-Blog's Experimental Mommy.

This was one of the first Mommy Review/Giveaway blogs that I followed. I love everything about Bridgette's blog. Her theme is adorable and true to it, she handles her reviews with almost scientific precision. She doesn't just try a product, but tests it and gives her readers an honest opinion. She is a proud New Orleans blogger and covers topics near and dear to her heart. I love hearing about King Cake or her beautiful city. She covers the best products on her site, so be sure to check her out.

And when I am feeling my sweet tooth, I head to Hoosier Homemade for her Cupcake Tuesdays.

As the name suggests, Liz's blog is so much more than just cupcakes. She also blogs about food, home decorating, product reviews, etc. -but, who am I kidding? I go for the great and delicious looking cupcake ideas! I really don't see how she has the time to get it all done. AND she makes it look fabulous. If you enjoy making and decorating your own cupcake creations, be sure to catch her weekly Tuesday linky to share with others. I know when our birthdays roll around I will be heading there for some inspiration. If sweet is your thing, head over to her blog and don't complain if browsing gives you a toothache.
Of course I read more than 5 blogs on a regular basis, but these rank up there as the first blogs I read for the day. Do you subscribe to any of these ladies? I hope you will stop by and give them a try. If you like them, pay them the ultimate compliment and leave a comment. Who would you put on your fab five list? Let me know. I am always in search of new blogs to read.


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