Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday ... At a Low

This post will be a short one. I had a good week. In fact, I had a great week! I logged more miles than ever, I busted out the Shred DVD and Jackie's Standing Ab DVD, and I felt good.

Then my DH gave me an early Valentine's Day present:

Isn't it perdy? That is a fabulous Omron pedometer which will not be falling off constantly, or resetting everytime I bend over to pick up my kiddos. It will be counting up all those daily steps towards my goals. Isn't my guy the best?

I know I should be happy, but when I weighed myself this morning I was greeted by:

Blech! That is not good. Not the right direction... and has left me feeling rather discouraged.

On an upside, my pants are looser, I feel great, but my motivation is waning against the Valentine's goodies on the counter. Grrrr.... I would love to say I have a plan of attack, but I don't. I need to come up with a good meal plan and exercise plan to follow. I need to get my motivation back. If you see it, please send it home. It is sorely missed.

This Week's Recipe Share is Miso Soup

I think a simple, yet tasty comfort food is called for right now, so I picked my ultimate favorite. You will be surprised how easy it is to make yourself. Really, it is all about having the right ingredients in your pantry.

you will need:
Dashi (bonito flakes)
Miso Paste (red, yellow or a mixture of both)
Wakame (a broad sea weed. Comes dry)
Green Onions (optional)
Firm Tofu cubed (optional)
*Also try with cubed egg plant or other vegetables

This recipe probably requires a trip to an Asian Food Market. Once you have the ingredients, you will be able to make this tasty soup anytime you want. The ingredients also can be used to make other yummy Japanese dishes.

Fill a small saucepan up 3/4 full with water. Add a tsp. or 2 of dashi to the water and bring it to a boil. When it comes to a boil, add the wakame, and green onions and turn down to a simmer. If you add other veggies, add them first till they are tender, but do not overcook the seaweed. It will only need to simmer for 3-5 minutes, to be tender. Then turn off heat and add a Tbsp or more of miso paste to taste. 

So simple and delicious!

I hope you all have a great week, and I am hoping to find my way to a better one myself. Have a happy Valentine's Day and cherish your friends and family.
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  1. That is precisely why I only weigh myself about once a month - weighing weekly is so discouraging! I hope that your awesome new pedometer from your wickedly cool hubby helps you find your mojo!

  2. Love the recipes you add to your posts!
    When I did the MILI challenge my weight was all over the place, but the measurements and the way my clothes fit was the best part. Don't get discouraged just are doing amazing (can we say muscle weighs more than fat + you are still under 200). You are changing your life and your body at the same time and that's what matters.
    Love the V-day gift..wish I had one too.

    You go girl!

  3. So glad you had an awesome week!
    Don't get to hung up on the weight; like you said, you're feeling & seeing the changes otherwise and that's what is important!

    I hope this week is just as amazing for you!

  4. Don't get discouraged! Once the MiLi challenge is over I think I'm throwing away my scale and I'm jsut going to go by how my clothes fit... I hate the scale!

    You're seeing changes and you're doing awesome, that's what matters, keep it up!

  5. Awesome pedometer & Valentine's gift! What a thoughtful present.

    Don't beat yourself up. This is a new day, a new week. I think focusing on nutrition is a good idea. As Leah says, weightloss is 85% nutrition. Gotta eat right!

    I'm so proud of you!

  6. That looks like a mighty fine pedometer! I am a gadgety kind of person. A new gadget often gives me a little pop of enthusiasm. I hope that this will give you the jumpstart you're looking for! I also love the recipes. They are a nice little surprise each week.

  7. I looked at this recipe and burst out laughing. I can only imagine the horror on the faces of my grocery store folks if I asked for these ingredients. They were already horrified when I asked about polenta and quinoa this week. It sure does look tasty though!

  8. Not having these grocery items easily available to me is unthinkable. Even when I lived in remote areas of California, Oregon and Montana I still had access to this food (co-ops).

    Hey do you know much about Sally Fallon and her Nourishing Traditions work? She is a fermenter and I am just starting to look into her work. It does seem like something up your alley so I thought I would ask.

    Have a wonderful week. And best wishes for some scale love next week.

  9. you got a great hubby hope you had an awesome week


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