Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review - Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning

My spice and seasoning drawer overfloweth. What can I say? I like a little flavor with my favorite foods. And I am always searching to expand our flavor options. So, the chance to try the versatile Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning was music to my ears.

Suggested for meat, vegetables and fried foods, their mission is to;  revolutionize the way the people cook by providing a single, seasoning blend that allows even the most inexperienced cooks to prepare gourmet meals. Honestly, using the seasoning couldn't be simpler. Shake some on before cooking, or shake a little on after to spice things up. It is a blend of salt, garlic, onion, spices and more that dressed up everything I tried it on.

Steamed cauliflower? Great. 

Hard boiled eggs?  Tasty.  

And my real accomplishment was using it to top my soft pretzels. It was a wonderful alternative to the plain pretzel salt the recipe calls for.

Of course, it is still divine on BBQ chicken, or sprinkled on skirt steak for fajitas, but definitely think outside the box. It is full of flavor while being 65% lower in sodium than regular seasoned salts... and it is Kosher, too!

Can't find Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning at your local grocery store? No problem. You can order from their  website

Be sure to follow them on twitter @LawhornSpice for great recipe ideas and updates, and you can also like them on Facebook for more good fun!

The real question is, what would you shake your Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning on?
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